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Heal Me - release day

Happy book birthday to “Heal Me”. For an author, a book release day is a strange mixture of elation and melancholy. You’re thrilled to share your baby with the world….and emotional at the idea that you’re no longer the only one to know your characters inside and out.

I haven’t released a new book since 2018, so I had forgotten how anxiety-ridden it could be. Last night, as I steadily watched the clock until the EBook went live at midnight ET, I continued to second-guess myself. Should I have published this book? Will it be well-received? Will it, unlike others I’ve written, gain some traction with readers? I’m a realist…and I’m well aware that it’s almost impossible to make a living off writing. And yet, as I received the notification that the Kindle version was live, hope spiraled.

I believe in my work 100%. I absolutely adore the two main characters in this book….grumpy, broken-hearted Davis and sweet, charming Merrick. Even though I crafted their story a few years ago, I am still head over heels for the two of them. I truly hope everyone else will be too.

To my readers out there, I ask that you take care of my boys. Embrace them as I have. I hope you see the deep layers each man has, and know that even the most shattered person can find love and friendship and understanding. I thank you for taking time out of your day to get to know Davis and Merrick. I’m very grateful for each and every one of you.

Thank you to my hubby, Mark, who celebrated with me last night when the Kindle version went live, and again this morning when the paperback version did as well. Thank you to my daughter, whose little suggestion that I write this book resulted in it’s release landing on her birthday. Thank you to my son, who supports me fully in everything that I do. Thanks to my parents, my cousins, my honorary kids and friends for never doubting that I could pull this whole thing off. I love each and every one of you…and I’m honored to have your support.


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