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Thankful Every Day

In keeping with my Thanksgiving post of last year (Thankful All Year Long), I’ve combined a list of things I’m thankful for; not just today, but every day.

Personally, there have been many ups and downs this past year. In March, we were thrilled to hear that the hubby and I were going to be grandparents. Sadly, by May that news was no more. My son and his wife will be parents one day, of that I’m certain. Until then they have a bunch of fur babies to warm their hearts.

We had our share of health issues with my parents this year. Thank God they are young at heart and both very healthy. I’m so very grateful they have access to good doctors and have awesome insurance. Not everyone can say that.

We became empty nesters in August, when our youngest moved out to attend college. I will freely admit that I hate the quiet in my house, and I miss having a house full of kids all talking at the same time. Still, our girl is doing well and enjoying her freedom, so I suppose that is all we can ask for.

On the book front, I have so very much to be grateful for. My readers, first and foremost. Followed only by the bloggers, who so graciously give their time to promote and review our books. I’m thankful for the amazing support network I have of family, extended family and friends. I am blessed!

Here’s quick snapshot of my year in writing and in life:


I celebrated my 51st birthday. Some days I feel older than that, but luckily most days I’m running around like a twenty-something.

I released the cover for “Taming Marco”, the crazy and outspoken middle Moran brother.


After 18 months of non-strop traveling for his job, and a whirlwind 2 weeks abroad, my hubby finally came home. I’m so thankful for him in every single way. He’s my rock, and the love of my life.

“Taming Marco” released in early February. I was disappointed this book didn’t do as well as the first one in the series, but I won’t be discouraged. I’m in this writing thing for life!


This is the month we celebrated the hubby and son’s birthdays. It was also the month that I worked diligently on my first male/male romance series. There will be 4 books in total, with the first one set to release in June 2018.


In April the hubby and I took a mini-vacation, five days of camping at one of our favorite places, Pinnacles National Park. Our daughter was able to join us for a day, which is always fun. Camping is the perfect way to get rid of the cobwebs and regroup. It’s also an excuse to drink wine anytime during the day.


The hubby and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary this month. It’s really hard for me to believe so many years have passed. We were just babies when we met (20), now we’re old (sort of).

Also this month I sent off “Revealing Bella” to my editor. This was a tough one for both of us, and took much longer than normal to get through. Thank you Max for pushing me hard and making me put together the best work I possibly can.

Because editing isn’t enough to keep me busy, I got a wild idea for another male/male series and I just had to start it. Never fear…I have a few ideas for upcoming contemporary romance books too!


Another book to the editor again this month. Book 5, “Educating Sophia”, will round out the series that has consumed my life for the past few years. Due to unforeseen issues with the cover for this book, I’ve had to push back the release date. I’m shooting for March 2018, but we shall see.

Also this month was the release for “Breaking Roman”, the Moran brother nearest and dearest to my heart. Sweet Roman….what can I say. I love this man!


In early July I celebrated the 2 year anniversary of my second book, “Loving Emma”. This was the first novel I wrote primarily from a man’s point of view, which I have grown to prefer. It’s a sweet book about loss and love, featuring characters from my first book, “Losing Faith.”

Also this month was my first ever blog tour, this one for “Breaking Roman”. I had no idea what to expect from a tour, and let me tell you…it was stressful! These were the first blogger reviews I’d ever received. While not every review was as positive as I’d hoped, I did learn SO much from the feedback that was provided. Thank you bloggers, for giving of your time to read my work. I’m forever grateful to all of you!


Not much book-related news this month, since all my focus was going toward getting my girl situated at college. August was HER month….we took a weekend camping trip (our son, his wife, and grand pups joined us) to celebrate her accomplishment. The following week we had a going-away party, and the third week we said goodbye. Well…not really, since I do talk to her every single day. Take heed, my parental friends….this college stuff is hard (and I’m not talking about the classes). Of course I’ll always miss her being here, but her dad and I are SO proud of what she’s taking on.


Back in the swing of things as far as writing goes. This is the month I celebrated the 3rd anniversary of “Losing Faith”, my first novel. This book will always be extra special to me. It’s loosely based on my own life and dealing with my best friend’s death from breast cancer.


This month I celebrated the 1 year anniversary of “Saving Cruz”. I will always, always be grateful to everyone who took a chance on this book. I’m grateful for the readers who took the time to read it and leave a review. You guys are the best!

Also in the month of October, I released the cover for “Revealing Bella”. It’s SUCH a pretty cover, and I have Kari Ayasha to thank for that. Kari…I will sure miss working with you!

To round out this month, my hubby and I took our annual 10-day vacation to Catalina Island. We just love this place and it’s made even better because my parents and cousins join us. We’re there for the annual jazz festival, but to be honest we mostly sit around and drink and eat. That’s what vacation is for, right?


On November 7 I released the 4th book in The Moran Family series, “Revealing Bella”. As I said previously, this was a tough one for me (both writing and editing it). The subject matter is delicate and can be triggering for some, but overall the book is about resilience and survival.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! May you celebrate the many blessings in your life… today and every day.

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