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She's here!

Bella is here!

Bella is a beautiful, tough and dedicated nurse who loves her job and her family; a woman with a painful past that she’s struggled to overcome or even deal with. She doesn’t need a man in her life; not for anything that matters anyway. Meeting Jace – the twin brother of a family friend – couldn’t come at a worse time. Sure, he’s handsome and easy to talk to. But in Jace she sees possibilities, something she’s grown used to living without.

“Revealing Bella”, book 4 of The Moran Family is available now in paperback and Kindle at

Choices define you.

Choices dictate your future, your happiness.

Choices can forever change the person you thought you were.

A college party gone horribly amiss will forever change the life of Isabella “Bella” Moran. She hides her secrets from everyone, especially her overprotective family. She confides in no one. She does whatever she has to do to portray herself as the happy eldest sister of the five Moran siblings.

Jace Austin is instantly intrigued by the dark haired beauty. Even though she is icy and mistrustful, he somehow manages to earn her friendship. The passion between them comes easy, but Bella is content keeping her life completely separate. She’s happy with the status quo. She’s comfortable in a world where trust doesn’t come easy and guarding her heart is the norm.

Not Jace.

He wants more. He wants it all.

Happy reading!


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