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Coming Soon - Revealing Bella

I’m happy to announce the upcoming release of “Revealing Bella”. Bella is book 4 of The Moran Family series, but it can be read as a standalone as well.

Choices define you.

Choices dictate your future, your happiness.

Choices can forever change the person you thought you were.

A college party gone horribly amiss will forever change the life of Isabella “Bella” Moran. She hides her secrets from everyone. She confides in no one. She does whatever she has to do to portray herself as the happy eldest sister of the five Moran siblings.

Jace Austin is instantly intrigued by the dark haired beauty. Even though she is icy and mistrustful, he somehow manages to earn her friendship. The passion between them comes easy, but Bella is content keeping her life completely separate.

Not Jace. He wants more. He wants it all.

Here’s a sneak peek into Bella’s world:


My eyes slowly drift open to gaze around the room.

I don’t feel so good.

My heart thumps frantically in my chest when I realize I have no idea where I am. A few things look familiar, but I’m definitely not in my own dorm room. On the wall I recognize a pennant sporting the school colors of the college I attend. There’s a football jersey like the many that traipse around campus day after day. The ball cap that sits half on half off the dresser looks oddly familiar too. But the room itself? Try as I might, I can’t recall ever being here before.

Noises come from outside the closed bedroom door. Lots of male laughter and some over-enthusiastic shouting. Some giggling too, though that is decidedly female. With all the loud techno music, it sounds like a party. Whatever the case may be, this is not my usual scene. I’m much too shy and naïve to ever be a part of this raucous crowd.

My stomach rolls violently when I sit up. I slam my hand over my mouth, as if the gesture will halt the surge of vomit waiting at the back of my throat. The sheet slides down my body and cool air hits my bare skin. A cursory look down and I simultaneously cringe and groan. I’m completely naked.

Another wave of nausea. Forcing myself to stand, I look around for my clothes. I stumble around the unfamiliar room trying to shake off the dizziness. My shorts are tossed onto the floor, panties nowhere in sight. I locate my T-shirt over the arm of a chair, my bra on the opposite side of the bed. Whatever happened in this room—and I have a fairly good idea what that was—I sure as hell don’t remember much of it.

It started with a beer. I know this because I can still taste the bitter residue on my tongue, and my shirt reeks of it as well. That beer was followed by another and countless others followed. Somewhere in the middle of it all there was dancing and a whole bunch of flirting, if I recall correctly. I vaguely remember switching to tequila shots on a dare, and that’s where all the fuzzy memories begin.

He had blond hair. He was cute, but the majority of the guys I know from school are. He was tall—really, really tall. That’s the thing though … he’s not someone I know well. Or is he?

His face swims in my memory as I tug my clothes on with shaky fingers, wondering yet again what happened to my panties. I’m just pulling my shirt over my head when the door opens and in walks a tall, blond guy with a red Solo cup in hand and a cocky grin on his face.

He looks me over, eyes centered directly on my boobs, as he strolls toward me. “Hey, sexy, wanna go another round?”

The sound of his voice sends the vomit up my throat again. Swallowing it back takes more energy than I can muster. The scent of his skin, a nasty combination of sweat and what I assume must be sex, permeates my nostrils. Instantly, a freight train of recognition slams into my brain.

Groping hands.

Hurting hands.

No … no … no.

Wet lips on mine.

The scent of tequila and beer in the air.

No… no … please, no.

A tearing sound … my panties. Then my legs are being shoved apart.

“Just go with it,” he said. “You’ll love it.”

In my memory I hear a scream then a muffled sob as a large sweaty hand is held over my mouth.

“Just go with it. You’ll love it.”

Teeth clamp down on my nipple. Then I’m being ripped in two.

No … no … you’re hurting me. No!

“Shut the fuck up,” he snaps as I cry harder.

With each thrust of his hips I know the truth: I’ll never be the same. He’s taking something from me that I can never get back. My innocence. My hope. My future.

My soul.

Look for “Revealing Bella”, book 4 of The Moran Family series, out in paperback and Kindle on Amazon November 7, 2017.

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