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Recipe of the Month

Here is a SUPER yummy recipe to enjoy this summer. It looks a bit involved, but have no fear….the end result is something your family and friends will be talking about long after the pan is empty.

This recipe comes from my Mom, though it was originally given to her by a friend of the family.

I give you…..


Layer 1:

-1 cup flour

-1/2 cup butter

-1/2 cup nuts (any nuts you desire)

*Mix together and pat into a 9 x 13 pan. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes. Cool completely.

Layer 2:

-1 8 oz. cream cheese

-1 cup powdered sugar

-1 cup Cool Whip

*Beat cream cheese and sugar until fluffy. Fold in Cool Whip. Spread over cooled bottom crust layer.

Layer 3:

-1pkgs. Vanilla or Chocolate instant pudding (the small packages)

*Follow package directions, but use 3 cups of milk instead of what it calls for. Spread pudding over cream cheese layer.

Layer 4:

-1 small tub Cool Whip

Toasted coconut and chopped nuts

*Spread Cool Whip over pudding layer, then top with coconut and nuts.

Helpful hints:

Doubling the first layer (flour, butter, nuts) is good because what it calls for barely fits into the pan.

Buy 1 large Cool Whip. Remove 1 cup for Layer 2, then use the remaining for the top layer.

Feel free to experiment with any flavor of pudding you wish. Anything will work in this decadent dessert!



I’d love your input on the recipes I share. Please feel free to reach out on Facebook, Twitter or email.

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