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A Few Thoughts on Freedom

As we celebrate our Independence Day, I’ve been reflecting on how blessed we are as Americans for the freedoms that we have. And we have a lot of freedoms, many that we (myself included) take for granted.

Some are the basic things, like free speech and whatnot. Some, are deeper, more meaningful. Most of which, I do not need to point out on this here blog, because you are very well aware of them. But because I am entitled to my opinion on said freedoms, I will.

Free speech is a biggy, and one that I both cherish (in the ability to yammer at will) and despise (the ongoing political arena that is BS laden). Yeah, I know…I’m going to alienate a whole bunch of people because I dared express negative opinions about all those blowhards. Big deal folks, sue me. I have more class in my little finger than ANY political idiots ever will.

See…isn’t free speech a hoot?

We’ve got some awesome freedoms….like being able to choose whichever bank we put our money in, where we want to live, what we choose to watch on TV. Hard to believe in this day and age that there are actually human beings who have those rights, those freedoms that appear so simple in nature, dictated for them.

We can be occasionally dictate-worthy in this home of the free we live in. I consider it a dictation when I can’t avoid hearing or seeing the political BS. Amidst all these freedoms we have, I should be able to not have annoying phone calls at dinner time. We can be dictated to about our health care, our vaccine choices, and what incredibly lame commercials are being shoved down our throats on repeat from the cable companies (truly as much of a favorite of mine as the damn political BS I’m forced to listen to).

All that aside, we are damn lucky folks. We have so many freedoms I can’t begin to name them all, but here are few (in no particular order):

We have the freedom to love anyone we choose to love. Yes, that may annoy a certain demographic of people, but for me (someone who is just grateful people love one another in the first place), I say more power to you.

We have the freedom of choice. Now whether that choice is to dye your hair purple, tattoo your face, or get an abortion, we have the right to do that. Contrary to what some folks believe, people don’t dye their hair, get tattoos or have an abortion because they care about what everyone else thinks. They care what THEY think about themselves, which is another one of those pesky freedoms I’ve been talking about.

We have the freedom to fly our flags….regardless of what those flags stand for. Again, we might alienate some folks by flying our confederate or LGBT flag in front of our home, but that is our choice. Our freedom.

We have all of these freedoms, not because we want to be different or enjoy pissing one another off….but because men and women volunteer to ensure we have those freedoms. These brave men and woman come from all different backgrounds, every different race, and yes…go ahead and cringe because I know you want to….they are sometimes even gay or transgendered. I’m grateful for ALL the men and women who serve. All of them. Every race, gay, transgendered, male and female. Let’s not complain about what we believe is appropriate and not appropriate for our military. Let us feel grateful every day that each of these people – these HUMAN BEINGS – has signed on that dotted line and said they’d stand up and defend us while we sit in our backyards and celebrate the holiday with another beer.

On this 4th of July, I celebrate our freedoms….the good and the sometimes annoying. I celebrate our service men and women, and I celebrate the freedoms that I will try not to take for granted all the time. I celebrate you, my fellow authors, poets, screenwriters and such, as we as a community enjoy the freedom of art in all its beautiful forms.

Happy Birthday America!

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