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For the month of May, I bring to you another of my Mom’s fantastical creations. This one is our Christmas morning must-have, although my hubby would prefer to have it on a more frequent basis. Like once a week, if he had his way.

It’s definitely a breakfast/brunch recipe, but I’ll admit to having it for dinner a time or two. It’s the perfect left-over and easy to reheat in the microwave. It’s great for when you have weekend guests, as you make it the day before. According to my hubby, you don’t need a reason to make this. JUST MAKE IT!

I give you…..

Sausage Struata

1 lb. sausage

2 cups shredded Swiss cheese

3 eggs

1 cup milk

1 cup heavy cream

Salt & pepper

Enough bread (any kind…sour dough works well) to cover the bottom of a 9 x 13 pan.

  • Brown sausage. Drain.

  • Line bottom of buttered pan with bread.

  • Cover bread with crumbled sausage

  • Sprinkle cheese over top.

  • Beat together eggs, milk, cream, salt & pepper.

  • Pour egg mixture over cheese/sausage.

  • Let stand 6 hours or (better) overnight in fridge.

  • Remove from fridge, let sit 1 hour before baking.

  • Bake at 350 about 30 minutes.

Note: I always double the sausage. Makes for a heartier dish and it’s what my hubby prefers. I use chub sausage of any kind (Jimmy Dean is always tasty). Good to use one regular and one hot to give the dish a bit of zing.

Let me know what you think! I’d love to get your feedback on this or any of the other recipes I’ve shared.



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