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The Struggle is Real

I struggle with writing blog posts. I admit it. This is my weekly challenge to step out of my head and write something brilliant and humorous; something to give the reader a bit more insight into what makes me tick. Here’s a little secret….I’m not that complicated or interesting. But this here….this weekly blog thing….to me it is complicated.

My dear cousin in Idaho told me not to worry about what I write each week. “Just write like you’re talking to one of us” (meaning her sister or herself). Yes, the three of us are technically related by blood, but those two gals have been my very best friends through all the crazy ups and downs life has thrown my way.

I thought about what she told me….and you know what, she’s right. There’s no need to censor myself (well, apart from holding back the swear words I might use when speaking aloud). This is my blog, and as such I can say what I want.

Or can I?

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, writing is a business. While I might not necessarily censor myself, I’m also not going to wade into sticky waters on subjects that are taboo. I’ve been told to write about things I’m passionate about – and pick three to blog on when I’m not blogging about my writing. Well, for those who have followed me for any amount of time, you will know that my passion is my family. Writing sometimes tries to supersede family, but I’m quick to remind myself that it should never be a higher priority than taking care of those I love.

My kids are grown, and for the most part so is my hubby (love you sweetie!), so clearly I’m not that frazzled mom trying to contain wild toddlers and still put a few words down onto the page. Those gals (and guys too)….they are the real warriors. Finding time to craft words should not be the struggle I’m making it into, right? Thankfully for me, it’s not. Finding things I’m passionate about to write in this blog that are interesting to the reader….now that is a struggle. The struggle as they say, is real. Very, very real.

So I actually sat down and listed the things I’m passionate about (other than writing). You’d be surprised how hard it can be to put that down on paper. Or maybe it’s just difficult for me. I’m still working that out.

In addition to being passionate about my writing and my family, I’m passionate about women’s rights. No, I am not going to sit here and preach about what you should or should not believe in. Our passions are as unique as we are, which is what makes us all amazing as individuals. I am also passionate though (and not in a good way), about the people who do try to shove their beliefs down other’s throats. Whether they are political beliefs, religious beliefs, or many other hot-topic items my mom told me never to talk about in mixed company….no one has the right to cram their idealistic beliefs in my face. If I wanted to know your thoughts on our election process, I would ask. I don’t, because I despise politics; always have, always will. Now, if I could just get my friends and family on Facebook to understand that. Somehow, I doubt it.

Being passionate about something is what gets us out of bed each morning. And whether you’re passionate about your family, your job, your sport, your animals….whatever it might be….I say go forth and indulge that passion. Life is too darn short to sit on our bums and wait to be inspired. Write that book, go get that gold medal, or just spend time reading to your kids. Trust me….if I can dream up something incidental to write about each week in this here blog, you can be amazing doing whatever it is that you do!



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