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Thank you....

As I wind up my release week for “Saving Cruz”, I’m reminded yet again just how many people it takes to see that a book goes from imagination to print. Sure, we authors are in charge of the biggest part – the story, the soul of what we want to say. But as I’ve learned in this first-ever venture in self-publishing, my dream would have only gotten as far as the words in my computer had it not been for the love and support of so many.

Those who have gotten to know me this past year on social media will probably say one thing about me….”she’s all about family”. Coming from a large Italian family, all I’ve ever known is being surrounded by people who love and support me simply for being me. Not everyone can say that and I do realize how very blessed I am. My cousins – the whole lot of them – are my very best friends. They are my rooting section, my beta readers, my voice of reason. My parents are crazy supportive of what I do, and will tell everyone (and I mean everyone) about my books. There’s all the extended family – too many to name – and my sweet and amazing girlfriends who are nothing but supportive and understanding. And finally, my without-a-doubt best hubby in the world and my kids (which now include my ‘other’ daughter, my daughter-in-law). I’m such a lucky, lucky gal to have SO many people that lift me up and encourage me to keep doing what I’m doing. I truly wish this for all my author friends.

Support and encouragement is the glue that holds this whole crazy mess together, but it’s finally believing in myself that has propelled me forward. Late bloomer that I am, now at the ripe old age of 50, I actually believe I can do this. That’s not to say I don’t have many moments of self-doubt. I wouldn’t be a writer if I didn’t!

So, thank you. Thank you to my family for darn near everything. Thank you to my editor Max, formatter Stacey, and designer Kari. You made my story come alive, and I’m forever grateful. Thanks to Giselle, for guiding me through my first Book Blitz and thanks to all the bloggers who signed-up for it. You rock! Thank you to my amazing friends and followers on Twitter. You guys keep my sane in this insane world.

Most importantly….thank you to the reader, the person taking a chance on this ‘new’ writer; the person willing to spend time and money on this gal’s dream. Thank you isn’t – and will never be – enough.

I love you all!


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