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My not so interesting, extraordinary life

For someone who has been writing for over two decades, I struggle with the small things (blog posts, Twitter posts, and pretty much anything I put on Facebook). I quite literally lock up when faced with what to say.

Keeping that in mind, and because I always struggle with original blog post ideas, I thought it might be fun to give those who do follow me a few interesting facts about ME:

  1. I turned 50 this year. And no, I did not fall apart or go out and buy a fancy car. My motto is to embrace this number fully. 50 is the new 30, or so I’ve been told.

  2. My real name is not Alexis. It’s Kristi (I go by Kris, though). I was told my full name wasn’t “marketable”, so I found something that was (at least I hope it was). Hence the pen name, Alexis James.

  3. I live in California. I was born in California.

  4. I live near the ocean. It’s okay if you’re jealous.

  5. I have a great hubby and have been married for 27 years.

  6. I have 2 kids (boy & girl), 1 daughter-in-law, and 3 grand pups. Looking forward to real grand babies in the future.

  7. I first got the writing bug my junior year of high school (many, many years ago). I took a creative writing class and the teacher gave me wonderful feedback (the good and the bad kind). I was hooked, but didn’t seriously buckle down and get going until my early 30’s.

  8. I have a slew of completed novels that I’ve written over the years (almost 40 by my last count) that are gathering dust in my computer. The old stuff is HORRIBLE. The newer stuff…we shall see!

  9. I write almost daily and have for a very long time.

  10. I work from home. Yes, I do sneak in some writing time if the job allows for it. I’m blessed.

  11. I was born a redhead (see the lovely image above) like my mom and brother. You're welcome for that, by the way. What a stunner I was!

  12. I’ve been an obsessive reader my entire life. As a child I loved the Little House books, Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys.

  13. I read, on average, at least a book a week; sometimes more, especially if I’m between writing projects.

  14. I resisted getting an E-reader for a long time. Now I can’t imagine living without it. My main reason for getting one….bigger font. 50 year old eyes suck.

  15. My first book, “Losing Faith”, was published in 2014. My second book, “Loving Emma”, was published in 2015.

  16. My parents tell EVERYONE that I’m a writer. No one can escape them….not the person at the grocery store, the lady who does my mom’s nails, or my dad’s buddies at the Veteran's museum where he volunteers. They love spreading the word about how amazing I am. I think I need to start spreading the word about how amazing THEY are.

  17. My social life consists of occasional date nights with my hubby, chatting with my daughter and her friends, and family dinners.

  18. I’m due to release a contemporary romance series this fall. Teasers soon, I promise.

  19. I love coffee, chocolate, WINE (red or white, I do not discriminate), and most any type of food. I love – but can no longer eat – ice cream.

  20. My hubby and son have never read my work. My daughter has read some. My mom reads everything, multiple times. She says I’m brilliant. She’s not partial or anything….

  21. I love books like “The Lovely Bones” and “Me Before You”, that are so painful I have to put them down and take a break. Pulling that kind of emotion from a reader….now THAT is brilliant.

  22. I don’t read historical romance. I hardly ever read non-fiction. I went through a phase where I read nothing but young adult stuff (mostly so my daughter and I could share books).

  23. I read my first M/M romance book this year; “Him”, written by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy. Loved it so much, I’ve read it again.

  24. I’m an idiot when it comes to anything techy and frequently have to ask my daughter for help. I’m daunted by all the apps out there meant to help us writers, the auto schedulers and such, but I’m trying to embrace it all as one big learning lesson.

  25. I’m Italian. I talk fast, wave my hands around a lot, and my extended family are my closest friends.

Well, there you go! If you aren’t asleep, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. If you are asleep, happy snoozing! –AJ

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