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Happy Anniversary!

September 26 marked the one year anniversary of my first novel “Losing Faith”, and oh what a year it’s been! I’m certainly no expert at any of this that’s for sure, but I will say that this has been the year for learning; learning to trust your gut, learning to not put your faith in every kind word you hear, and most importantly learning to say no.

First and foremost, I’m a reader. I’ve been a reader since I was a young girl and would pour over the “Little House” books. Through my almost obsessive love of reading, I got the writing bug. I was encouraged to explore my love of writing by my high school Creative Writing teacher, but I put a serious effort into it many years later, and have been hard at it ever since. I still read obsessively, but I also write just as obsessively.

My first publishing experience has been fraught with unreal expectations and loads of impatience, as well as the usual nerves. It has been a truly eye-opening dive into the world of publishing novels in the 21st century. And a year later I still feel like there’s only a fraction of information I’ve learned.

I chose to self-publish through AuthorHouse mostly for practical purposes. They approached me, I didn’t have to go peddling my wares, and I’d retain creative control. It certainly helped that the publisher and I immediately connected, and I will always be grateful to him for reaching out with that first phone call and for being my champion along the way.

During the publication process for “Losing Faith”, I was wide-eyed and trusting and I’ll admit very naïve, though I don’t regret one minute of the entire process. And while I might have been disappointed in some things along the way, I will always be proud of that book. “Losing Faith” was written as a result of a sad life event, as many books are. And while the cover was not particularly marketable in the world of contemporary romance, I chose it because of how it best represented my story. I will never regret doing that.

More than anything that’s happened this past year, I’ve learned about pride; not mine particularly, but the pride my family has taken in telling every person about both of my books (my second, “Loving Emma”, was released in July). This went from being a one-woman show, writing whenever I could squeeze it in here or there, to a full-on family affair. My mom, daughter and cousin are my editors and voices of reason. My dad…well, he fully believes one day I’ll be riding around in a limo signing books and yes, counting the millions. My son and husband, I’d call them my creative directors. And all my friends and other cousins (I’m Italian, so I have many), well let’s just say that my people are amazing.

With ALL that said, I plan to have my third book out sometime next year, though the details will remain secret for now so you’ll stay intrigued. Don’t worry…teasers to follow.

For those of you who have read my books, liked me on Facebook, followed me on Twitter or emailed me, saying thank you certainly doesn’t say enough. I’m grateful, I’m blessed, and I am SO very thankful to you for taking the time to read my books. I’m a lucky, lucky lady.

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