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"Loving Emma" now available

I have to wonder if authors ever get used to the feel of their 'babies' being released to the masses. Since I'm still so new at this, I'm going out on a limb to say a big, fat NO! The excitement is huge, of course, as are the nerves....which I couldn't describe if I had to. Let's just say that the entire experience of seeing my words in print is humbling at best. I look forward to hearing from you all once you've had a chance to read Liam's story. For those of you who love Moose like I do...yes, he's back and is still charming, witty, crass and as sweet as ever. We all need a best friend like Moose!

A quick shout out, thank you and BIG hug to everyone that helped me with this book. I may put the words down, but the finished product is a result of the love and care my friends and family have for me. This was most definiately a group project and words can't express how grateful I am. I love you!!

Happy reading everyone!

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