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Heal Me

He was such a beautiful surprise the day he walked into my life and became my friend.


Davis Morgan has no expectations of happiness. He’s grown numb to most emotions, dulling his pain with alcohol and long hours at work. His marriage is in ruins and memories of the past keep him from moving on.

Friendship finds him unexpectedly, by way of neighbor and UK transplant, Merrick Whitley. Merrick is gracious and kind, dogged in his belief that he and Davis can be friends, regardless of the hurdles they face.

Merrick’s friendship slowly begins to mend all the broken parts of Davis’s heart. He’s smiling again. He’s hopeful once more. But can a shattered man like Davis escape a miserable marriage and recover from years immersed in grief? Will his deep sense of obligation continue to suppress any hope he has of finding happiness again?

Most of all…can love truly heal a broken heart?

Educating Sophia - book 5

I’m not a stalker.

I’m not. I promise.

College has given Sophia Moran the independence she craves. She has her own apartment, makes her own choices, and generally lives by her own set of rules.

She also has a very, very big secret.

Caleb Bonham is attracted to his young assistant, though he’s well-aware he shouldn’t be. He certainly doesn’t need to get involved in a forbidden affair with a student. He certainly shouldn’t get involved with her.

Sophia sees a kindred spirit in Caleb, but convincing him to give them a chance is more difficult than she realizes. Beneath his gruff exterior, is a warm, passionate man who sees only the best in her; a man she could easily love. A man, she believes, could be her forever.

Revealing Bella - book 4

Choices define you.

Choices dictate your future, your happiness.

Choices can forever change the person you thought you were.

A college party gone horribly amiss will forever change the life of Isabella “Bella” Moran. She hides her secrets from everyone. She confides in no one. She does whatever she has to do to portray herself as the happy eldest sister of the five Moran siblings.


Jace Austin is instantly intrigued by the dark haired beauty. Even though she is icy and mistrustful, he somehow manages to earn her friendship. The passion between them comes easy, but Bella is content keeping her life completely separate.


Not Jace. He wants more. He wants it all.

Breaking Roman - book 3

They call me Romeo.

I love romancing women, and I’m good at it. 

Roman, the youngest of the three Moran brothers, is the only one who has ever believed in true love. Unlike his arrogant older brothers Cruz and Marco, Roman believes fully in finding that special someone to spend his life with. He’s spent years romancing women, always hopeful that ‘the one’ will suddenly appear.

Everything changes when Sabrina arrives, taking a job within his company, and forever ruining him for any other woman. The cool, beautiful blonde takes his breath away, but getting to know her is fast becoming his biggest challenge. She barely acknowledges his existence, remaining distant to everyone. So he covets in silence, waiting for the day when she’ll see him as something more than another player. Waiting for the day when she’ll see him as more than the Romeo he pretends to be.

Sabrina Morris spends her days running the HR Department of The Moran Group, and her nights corralling her teenage daughter. She doesn’t have time for relationships or love. She’s never known anything but being the best mother she can be, relying on no one but herself. She definitely does not have the tolerance for a certain Moran brother who is far too charming for his own good.

Sabrina has heard the stories about his “Romeo” ways, but the Roman she’s suddenly enamored with is not at all what she expects him to be. His gentle nature catches her off-guard and the kindness he shows to her and her daughter makes her realize there’s much more to the handsome Moran brother than just sweeping women off their feet.  She doesn’t want to be attracted to him, and she is certainly surprised when he is equally drawn to her.  But can she see past his Romeo façade and allow the warm, loving man into her life?

Taming Marco - book 2

Playing the field does have its perks.

Hot…passionate….naked perks.

Marco Moran knows all about those perks.  Wealthy, successful, and fully committed to being single, he’s content strolling through life with numerous women traipsing in and out of his bed.  Unapologetic, he embraces the life of a single man, doing all he can to avoid tying himself down.  

Amita Morales has a mediocre life….a decent job, a car that runs, a boyfriend she tries convincing herself is worth staying with, even though any love she might have felt for him died years before.  Meeting Marco Moran is nothing more than an inconvenience, and yet their attraction to one another is undeniable. 

When Amita is suddenly single, everything changes. For the first time in years, her future is open to possibility and happiness.   But friendship is the name of the game for Marco and Amita.  The committed bachelor in him will gladly settle for friends with benefits, but even he is surprised at their off the charts chemistry.  Will she be able to tame this wild playboy?  Or will she have to reconcile herself to a life with a man who is determined to remain unattached?

Saving Cruz - book 1

Hate is controlling.  Dominating. Powerful.


And so is Cruz Moran.

Sexy Spaniard Cruz Moran has it all….money, success, and strong family ties.  The handsome CEO with the sharp mind and even sharper tongue, is driven to succeed at every level.  Ghosts haunt him. Painful memories, he can’t seem to avoid. His demons remind him of the tragic choices he made years ago.   His life of solitude… a small price to pay for what he’s done.  He avoids relationships of any kind, choosing instead to submerse himself in his company. 

Mia Elliott is innocent… a sweet, exotic beauty who walks straight into Cruz’s path, and knocks him completely off his feet.  She is instantly intimidated by him, and rightly so.  He is brusque, rude, and quite possibly the most haunted man she’s ever laid her eyes on.  He’s also beautifully complicated, in every single way.  Losing her heart to him comes all too easily.  Finding a way into his heart, will prove more challenging than she ever imagined.  Saving him from himself seems impossible, but so worth it.

Loving Emma


Liam Mathers is barely living his so-called life, running from the past and drowning his sorrows in too many women and an over-abundance of booze.  Hiding from the pain of losing his first love, he’ll do whatever is necessary to avoid commitment or to admit he needs help.


When he meets Emma Matticelli he knows one thing for certain; he needs to stay far, far away from her.  Emma is smart and kind and beautiful…the type of woman who deserves a white picket fence and a husband.  Although he is instantly attracted to the dark-eyed Italian beauty, he refuses to admit it to himself or to anyone else.  He has no desire to start a relationship with anyone ever again.  He’d had love once and lost it in the worst possible way.


Emma leads a busy life and certainly has no time for love.  But when she meets Liam she’s instantly smitten….and very, very irritated.  He may have an enticing set of haunting blue eyes and lips she wants to nibble on, but his cold behavior toward her is puzzling. There’s so much unspoken pain lurking deep inside of him that she can’t help but want to gain his trust and be his friend.


Friendship is easy. Love, however, can break you completely.

Losing Faith

Is there life after loss?


Grace Mathers is pretty sure there isn’t.  She’s slowly picking up the pieces of her shattered life; one painful step at a time.  She’s hiding from the pain, avoiding the truth and living in a full state of denial.  When Ryan Bernhart walks into her life, she is anything but pleased.  Although she’s instantly attracted to him, she wants nothing to do with the tattoo covered bad-boy.  She has no room in her life for any more chaos or confusion, and she has no intention of getting involved with someone who is destined to break her heart.


Ryan is a man on a mission.  Keeping his shop afloat and finding a place to live are his top priorities.  What he doesn’t need is Grace Mathers, the spunky beauty who threatens to upend his entire world.  She’s everything he could ask for if he were the kind-of guy to want more, which he most definitely is not. He’s not looking for forever; not really looking for right now.  Not now.  Not ever.




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