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Davis Morgan has no expectations of happiness. He’s grown numb to most emotions, dulling his pain with alcohol and long hours at work. His marriage is in ruins, he has no friends to speak of, and memories of the past keep him from moving on. And yet, there is still a tiny part of him that longs for more, that aches to find joy in his life.

Friendship finds him unexpectedly, by way of neighbor and UK transplant, Merrick Whitley. Merrick is gracious and kind, dogged in his belief that he and Davis can be friends, regardless of the hurdles they face.

Although Davis initially resists the companionship, Merrick’s friendship slowly begins to mend all the broken parts of his heart. The love that follows, while surprising, restores his faith in happiness. He’s smiling again. He’s hopeful once more.


But does he deserve to be happy? Can a shattered man like Davis escape a miserable marriage and recover from years immersed in grief? Will his deep sense of obligation toward his wife and the life they’d once tried to build together continue to suppress any hope he has to be happy?

Available June 7th in paperback, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

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